Monday, August 10, 2015

Welcome to HANAH,  Holistic And Natural Approach to Healing.  I am starting this blog to help others with my 20 years of experience.   Learning to reduce stress and anxiety, which allows for the opening of pathways to the natural healing power of both mind and body.

The first thing that helps me daily- especially when things are getting hard and difficult is to have some type of saying or Mantra, or prayer- that you repeat in your mind to help with changing negative thoughts into positive ones.
An example would be (  this too shall pass) , or simply a few slow deep breaths can help blow away your frustrations/negative thoughts.

One exercise I taught my daughter was to blow away your Bad Mood.
It takes practice- but it does work.  I tell her to give it a color, and she then can see the color blow away and then have her surround herself with another positive color that will make her feel better.
Again- it takes practice.  I would sit with them and do it with them the first few times

I came across this on the internet the other day and I thought it was fitting for all of us.

Gratitude, Kindness &  Positive reflections aid in Mood Boosting.
This would be a good exercise to do with kids and teenagers.

Have them write this down on paper.
I'm grateful for ________ because it adds ___________to my life.

Last Wisdom for the day.   This quote is from the Cinderella Movie last year.
Have Courage and Be Kind      I love this one, especially for girls.

What are things we can teach our Daughters that will make them strong and resilient and have compassion.   A quote from the Cinderella Movie I saw last year with my Daughter- even though it was a fairy tale and that in real life the princess doesn't always get her prince.  The One thing that we took away from the movie, was what Cinderella's mom had told her as a small child was to always Have Courage and Be Kind.   I love that-  I use that all the time with my daughter.  To always have courage and be kind to everyone she encounters in her life.

 I allow my daughter to see me make mistakes and that I am not always perfect.  When I am having a bad day, I will let my kids know that I am having a hard day and that they need to be patient with me and I will be patient with them.  That has worked out so well.  They will then have been helpful around the house and very sweet and caring to me.  They will draw me a picture or give me hug- which shows me that they do have some empathy and compassion.    Teaching them that we all have hard/bad days- is a very good lesson.  They then learn how they can help out family and friends during these times.

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