Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Joy Joy Joy !!

Joy Essential Oil-     I got a great compliment the other day from someone.  They asked me what Perfume I was wearing?   They had stated they had felt their mood and happiness increased thru out the day hanging out with me.  I told them that I didn't have perfume on and that it must of been Joy essential oil I had on.   So this brings me to the Post.  I thought this is a great time to talk about this Great oil.  I inhale this oil every morning while I am doing my morning routine in the Kitchen.  It helps me to get the day started and helps me if I am not feeling my best self.  

I also had my Daughter started using this one too when she gets moody and feels sad. 

Use for :  Emotional Balance and Uplifting-

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 Another one of my Favorites !!  Frankincense !!   Check it out !!

Last one you should always have on hand is Tee Tree Oil-

It has many great benefits for the body.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall is Here!!

Take in the Beauty of the Changes of the Season.    Great time to reflect on the last season and thinking about all that is to come with the next one.  Warm sweaters and Hot drinks, Bonfires- friends gathering around- telling spooky stories and good laughs.     This is what I look forward too this season. 

Cinnamon, cranberries, Hot apple cider and apple donuts are some of my Favorites of this Season.

Blessings to Everyone on this Beautiful Season-