Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Joy Joy Joy !!

Joy Essential Oil-     I got a great compliment the other day from someone.  They asked me what Perfume I was wearing?   They had stated they had felt their mood and happiness increased thru out the day hanging out with me.  I told them that I didn't have perfume on and that it must of been Joy essential oil I had on.   So this brings me to the Post.  I thought this is a great time to talk about this Great oil.  I inhale this oil every morning while I am doing my morning routine in the Kitchen.  It helps me to get the day started and helps me if I am not feeling my best self.  

I also had my Daughter started using this one too when she gets moody and feels sad. 

Use for :  Emotional Balance and Uplifting-

Almost done with Oct PV Promotion this Month-  Check it out!


 Another one of my Favorites !!  Frankincense !!   Check it out !!

Last one you should always have on hand is Tee Tree Oil-

It has many great benefits for the body.

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