Saturday, October 31, 2015

Heal in your own way.

If you are looking for a Great read in learning to heal yourself in your own way- Start with Louise L. Hay Book ( You can heal your life)   Here is the Link: http://www.hayhouse.com

She has other books that will inspire you and give you tools to use with Self-Care.  Anyone that is in a place in their life- looking for deeper meanings and learning from their life lessons, some of her readings might help you find ways to over come your own obstacles. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Stress- Away

One of my favorites- especially during stressful busy times. Apply a few drops to the bottom of your feet and take a few whiffs of this oil with a few deep relaxing breaths.  Feel the energy of the oil bathe your whole body.  Also a great way to end your day along with a warm cup of Chamomile tea.
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Tub Soak Re-fresh

Feeling drained- tired or exhausted??   Well a quick 15 minute tub soak with Epsom Salt will help with detoxing and refreshing your body and mind.  I also added some Baking SodaLavender and Tangerine essential oils to the bath water.   Stress-Away or Peace & Calming from Young-living essential oils is great to put on after especially right before bed.

Some other great recipes for baths.


A Epsom Salt compress - Great for sore muscles.  I found a link here:


Monday, October 19, 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

More Quotes

Some sayings to make you think about how to make your life - seem and feel better.


Found some inspiring Quotes !!

Aromatherapy for Colds/Stress.

This is the time of year- that Colds/Flus are invading our bodies.  My husband is just getting over a Cold.  He is the type of person that does not like to take medicine unless he really has too.  With the cold weather upon us, it can also take a toll on our bodies/energy.  So I like to find ways that smell good and make us feel good at the same time.
Came across these Shower tablets at the store other day.  There are different types/brands out there.  The ones I happen to buy were Relaxing Lavender shower tablets by Aura Cacia-pure essential oils.
 I love these in the shower. It feels like a spa experience with hot steamy water running on them.  Warm cozy pajamas after and you will be all ready for bed and a good nights sleep.

You can also make your own that are called Shower Bombs - that I have seen on Pinterest.  They would also be great Holiday gifts to give to loved ones or teachers.   Here is a link to one-

Another great recipe for you face during this cold weather season to keep it soft and not dried out.


Here is a great recipe when you have a Cold virus to invigorate your body and to open up your sinus's


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Left Brain/ Right Brain

Which side of the Brain do you use the most??

After much soul searching I have discovered that if I use my right side of the brain I feel more at ease and happy with my life. I have a feeling of euphoria and completeness.
A great Psychologist told me once, you should always be doing what you love.  So find that in a job/career and it won't seem like work then.

 Using my right side of the brain comes easier to me when I am living my life.  My left side of the brain is more of a challenge.  I have to work harder and make myself do the things I need to do when using that side.  Finding the balance I think is key.

Balance in Home life, work life, school life, sports life..etc....is going to be different for everyone.

The first step is just being Aware.
Then after that you can write down what is missing
Go back to your childhood and ponder what was that you loved so much to do as a child.  Then turn that into something that you can do now as a Adult.  This will give you a good start on that Journey.....of finding the path that will make you feel at ease and happy with yourself.


Lets Remember this Everyday !!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Tea Tree-Refresh your skin.

This oil is great for blemishes, bug bites and more.  In a clean small mason jar- you can use Coconut oil and Shea butter and about 12-14 drops of tea tree oil-depending on how big the jar is.


A great way to keep yourself and your family healthy. 

Love this idea of using oils to keep your food healthy.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mindfulness for Kids

School has started, life is getting busy with homework and after school activities.  Everyone can get overwhelmed with their daily lives.  I came across this great routine for kids that was mentioned to me by my mother.   My kids love it.  It feels like a relaxing yoga routine. 
It introduces the basics of mindfulness to children and a playful way to guide them to become more present in their life.
It calms them down and helps kids focus and fall asleep more easily.  It is a audio CD that has guided meditations. 
Sitting Still like a frog.  A Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and their Parents).   By Eline Snel.

you can get it at -www.shambhala.com 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

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Love yourself. Uplifting words

Hot tea- warm hearts.

This Fall cool morning, I needed hot tea and some warm hearts to cuddle with and fuzzy socks.  That got me thinking of what do we need to do to keep us feeling good and to keep us going.  That's all I needed this Morning to comfort my soul.  Sometimes I need to put on some uplifting mood music.  One of my Favorites are Deva Premal, Adele, Bob Marley.  Whatever  moves you is what is important. 

What are things you guys do when the cold weather comes- that is comforting to your soul ?

This beautiful art work is from truespiritart.com   Love their artwork.