Sunday, October 11, 2015

Left Brain/ Right Brain

Which side of the Brain do you use the most??

After much soul searching I have discovered that if I use my right side of the brain I feel more at ease and happy with my life. I have a feeling of euphoria and completeness.
A great Psychologist told me once, you should always be doing what you love.  So find that in a job/career and it won't seem like work then.

 Using my right side of the brain comes easier to me when I am living my life.  My left side of the brain is more of a challenge.  I have to work harder and make myself do the things I need to do when using that side.  Finding the balance I think is key.

Balance in Home life, work life, school life, sports life..etc....is going to be different for everyone.

The first step is just being Aware.
Then after that you can write down what is missing
Go back to your childhood and ponder what was that you loved so much to do as a child.  Then turn that into something that you can do now as a Adult.  This will give you a good start on that Journey.....of finding the path that will make you feel at ease and happy with yourself.

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