Thursday, March 10, 2016

Present Moment-

What is it like to live in the Present Moment- is it a Choice?? 

 To be present enough -to be living in the Moments of life- can take a lot of effort.  

Ever since having kids I try to slow down when they are with me and really take in those moments with them.  The days and weeks are going by too fast for me- as they are getting older.  It makes me not want to miss any moments with them before they go off as adults.  


It is easier to be in the present moments during the good times- harder during those difficult- frustrating times of life.  But it is all important- for our growth and wisdom. 

Being in the present moment- I think is a daily choice.  Whatever is going on in your life- or whatever your responsibilities are- make that choice to be there.  

I make the choice to take care of my family- to love them and nourish them.  To teach them and guide them.  To be there for them in good times and difficult ones.  It will all circle back- again and again.  

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