Saturday, September 24, 2016

Kids learning to deal with Life early

I just had this conversation with some friends who's kids just started school about being kind to each other.  How are we to teach and guide our kids thru the ebb and flow of childhood? I am still trying to figure that one out.   The conversations I have had with my kids starting at Kindergarten was a surprise to me.  Talking about how to stick up for yourself when you are being teased or ignored by classmates in school and on the bus.  I thought I would be having these conversations when they would be in middle school  I just wish I could keep my kids in a Magic bubble, but I can't.  

Daily I try to remind them to be kind, helpful and learn something new at school.  Encourage them to try to solve issues themselves first, then go to an adult if they still need help and guidance.  I know some of this stuff about teasing and bullying they go over in school with the kids- but it is not enough.  

One book I read to my kids when they were in Preschool was Have you Filled a Bucket Today !! It is about how you fill other peoples buckets instead of being a bucket dipper.  When you have low self-esteem and don't feel good about yourself- that is how people dip into your bucket to make them selves feel better, instead of doing something kind for someone-you will then fill up your own bucket at the same time.  Here is the Link below to check out.


Some other great books I came across for my Daughter was the American girl books.

These books have great info and helpful ideas for girls on how to handle different situations in their life growing up.    They have been extremely helpful in our house. 




 Wishing all Kids that they Have Courage and Be Kind !! 

Let me know your thoughts and any other helpful books out there for kids- Please share with me !!

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