Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Chia Seeds- Good for your Body and Soul !!

Chia Seeds have been around for a long time now-  But has been more accessible recently in the US for a few years.  I feel people still don't know about them yet.  They are so good for your body on all levels.  They have huge amounts of Omega -3s and give the body the extra nutrients it needs for energy.  

 There are so many Health Benefits of taking Omega-3s as a part of your daily routine  - Heart health, Skin health and Brain health


There are different brands out there- But the one i see the most is a brand called Mamma Chia.  

This brand is NON-GMO and certified Organic.    



 Here is a link to get more info-


One of the best reasons for taking fish oil supplements, a potent source for omega-3 fatty acids, is their supposed benefits for staving off dementia. But not so fast—a new study suggests that fish oil might not be so great for your brain after all. Could it be true? Take a look at the facts.

The new research, published in The Cochrane Library, involved a review of a collection of other studies that analyzed the effects of taking omega-3 supplements on cognitive function—the brain’s ability to process thoughts, including making and retrieving memories—over time. Combing through nearly 2,000 existing studies, the researchers looked for studies that compared cognitive function in healthy people without dementia taking omega-3 supplements to those taking a placebo for at least six months.


Foods That Boost Brainpower

But, he adds, that doesn’t mean taking omega-3 supplements won’t ward off problems in the future. Chilton explains that omega-3 fatty acids have a potent anti-inflammatory effect. In his lab and in others, research suggests that omega-3s can help improve a variety of conditions linked with inflammation throughout the body, including heart disease, asthma, and psoriasis. The brain is no exception, he says. Reducing overall inflammation could also help reduce the chances of brain disorders linked with this condition over the long haul, including dementia.

Additionally, he says, taking in omega-3s through food or supplements provides more building blocks for the brain to repair damage that crops up over time. “Fifty percent of your brain is made of fat, and the vast majority of that is a fatty acid called DHA,” he says. DHA is one of the major components of fish oil. Results from another study, published in February of this year, suggest that people who had higher blood levels of DHA were less likely to show signs of dementia and more likely to have bigger regions of the brain associated with memory than those with lower DHA levels.

Article by Christen Brownlee in Prevention Magazine.

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