Thursday, February 4, 2016

LOVE thyself-

Share and enjoy this Month with yourself and someone you LOVE.

 Find what makes you happy when you are by yourself - so you will have something to share and give to the next person that is even more than what you had expected. 

One of my Favorite writers is Oriah Mountain Dreamer.  She has so many good books of beautiful inspirations.  PLEASE go check her out.   

I was reading her books about 20 yrs ago when I was trying to find myself and who I wanted to have in my life.  She brought so much clarity and hope during a time of reflection and growing during my middle to late 20's.

Here is a link to her site and a good place to check out her books. !!

Go on.... and find what inspires you.  Find what makes your heart ache- or dream or long for in your life.  Find what makes you want to sing from the mountain tops every morning !!

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