Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Meditating- bringing focus and peace of mind into ones life.

Meditations-  They can bring focus, relaxation and peace of mind into ones life.  There are a lot of different ones to choose from.  Find what works for you- something that you could see yourself doing everyday.  It does not have to be long.  I do short ones during the week and longer meditations on the weekends.  I start my morning with my daily stretching/Yoga moves before I start my meditating.   If I wake up in a sour mood-  I find it helps shift my Energy into a more positive one.  



*  Find a quiet space- with soft light or candles

*  Find the right time to be unconnected from other activities

*  Do some stretches before you start so you can sit for a time (like 10-20 minutes)

*  Close your eyes or you can stare at a blank wall

*  Focus on your Breath-  try to count down to 10 in your head and breath slowly in and out.  This       will help calm the mind    ( there are different breathing techniques you can do)

*  Watch your thoughts and try to maintain focus -it takes practice and patience -  if your mind wanders just bring it back. 

*  When your ending you meditation- Pull yourself into your physical body before you go about your day.  You can do this by taking some deep breaths and feel the floor or cushions your sitting on underneath your body. 

Here are some links to my Favorite Guided Meditations



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