Tuesday, September 15, 2015


What inspires us to keep going when you are having one of those days that just seem hard and impossible.   Starting a ritual like writing down what we are grateful for everyday will help bring your life into perspective.
       Using this with kids- another idea to help incorporate gratitude into your life is during dinner time, have everyone say what they are grateful for that day or the week.
The ritual keeps us on a positive note and keeps us away from the negative's, which are easy to go back to.

Showing your kids positive ways of dealing with hard times and learning the great lessons  that come with disappointment and hardship- will help them as they get older.

Gratitude Journal is another great way to start your journey to living a life of gratefulness, peace & harmony.

My Goal for this school year of 2015.  I will change my thinking into a positive one the instant i feel like I'm going down the rabbit hole of negative thinking.
The Body & Mind connection is a powerful thing.

I suggest everyone to make a Goal starting this School Year.  Something you can change for the better.  Write it down and put it somewhere you can see it everyday.
And you will start to see a change in your life, if you believe in it.

Here is another great way to start your day or end it.  Starting a simple routine will go a long way.

Message me if you are interested in essential oils 
Use them on myself and my whole family.
Great in the house using a diffuser.  
I put them on myself daily and my kids love them too.

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